Pure Gold

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Ah, ‘Birmingham City Football Club’, 13 CFC. I had a Chevy people carrier that we used when we went to football – that was before we used to fly – and wherever we went we got a ticket. I remember it happening at Norwich, Oxford, Aston Villa. I went to Swansea once and we were running late and the police pulled us over because the 1 and the 3 were too close together.

Reviewing the Gold Standard

You could be forgiven for misinterpreting the stylish DG belt buckle and discrete shirt monocle as Dolce & Gabbana designer labels or the Roller’s D 6OLD number plate as trappings of ostentation. But in needing to re-emphasise his identity, David Gold – the slight, deprived East End boy now worth £450 million, helm of Ann Summers and Chairman of Birmingham City Football Club – perhaps isn’t as self confident as he might portray.