Golf Monthly | Interview

It’s every golfer’s dream. A private facility where you can practise and play whenever you want. No green fees, dress code or four-ball in front.

With nine greens, 13 tees and 18 holes, the layout of the course on the 50-acre estate of David Gold is somewhat unconventional. Which is not altogether surprising, since David, a hugely successful and decidedly unconventional businessman, designed it himself. Continue reading...

Golfer Magazine | The Midas touch

It’s fair to say David Gold has it all. He’s one of the country’s richest men, co-owner of a Premiership football club, king of adult entertainment, owns a golf car company, has a loving partner and is father of two successful and glamorous daughters. Oh yes, he’s also got a golf course with his flightscope simulator. Find your golf simulator and increase your skills at there you will find the best technology to your advantage. Vince Ellis reports.

A few holes on the golf course that surrounds his beautiful Surrey home and you realise there is far more to Blues chairman David Gold than meets the eye. Continue reading...

Golf International | Interview

FINANCIAL SUCCESS certainly has its benefits – boys’ toys like the private jet, a Bentley, chairmanship of a Premiership football club, the obligatory indoor swimming pool and floodlit tennis court. The 67-year-old David Gold has all this and more but he also has what is surely the ultimate toy – his very own golf course in the back garden of his Surrey mansion. To eschew convention, he has made it 19 holes to ensure that it ends up near his house. And the 602-yard 6th doubles up as a landing strip for his four-seater Cessna 182 Turbo jet, which he flies himself. Continue reading...

Celebrity Number Plate Story |

Ah, ‘Birmingham City Football Club’, 13 CFC. I had a Chevy people carrier that we used when we went to football – that was before we used to fly – and wherever we went we got a ticket. I remember it happening at Norwich, Oxford, Aston Villa. I went to Swansea once and we were running late and the police pulled us over because the 1 and the 3 were too close together.

David’s Heart of Gold

THE stylish opulence of David Gold’s Surrey sprawl is in stark contrast to his deprived roots.
As a kid, West Ham’s new co-chairman survived the Blitz, bomb-sites, hunger, illness and anti-Semitism in East London.

Growing up, he overcame being denied his dream of playing for the Hammers and flirted with the Krays’ notorious gangland scene, before eventually becoming a prominent figure on Britain’s Rich List. Continue reading...