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Blowing Bubbles Article

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Mr Gold’s garden open to all…

David Gold and Lesley welcome you to

The Garden Open Days
At the Chalet

Sunday 14th April 2019

Sunday 21st April 2019

Open Day 2015

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The TalkEasyTrust, in association with Mental Health Research UK (MHRUK) is delighted to announce that it is planning to hold a flash mob on Sunday 19th January in at 2pm in Trafalger Square, in order to raise awareness of depression and SAD, primarily focussed around the concept of “Blue Monday” – historically the most depressing day of the year.

MHRUK is once again hosting Blooming Monday in order to help break down the continuing stigma attached to mental illness. One in four people will have some form of mental illness in their lives. Continue reading...

The Talk Easy Trust hold its launch event

The Talk Easy Trust is holding its launch event on the 10th May at Carshalton Athletic. Gates will be open at 6pm and game kicks off at 7pm. It will be a football match John Fisher Staff 11 Vs Carshalton Boys Staff 11. There will be many special guests who include David Gold (Owner of West Ham United Football Club), Tom Brake (MP Carshalton and Wallington), Simon Osbourn and Ryan Innis.

Mr Gold says:
“I am delighted to be there to support The Talk Easy Trust. I believe it is very important for students of all ages to be able to talk to both students and teachers when needed.

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A Gold evening!

West Kent Freemasons representatives present a cheque for £5000 to David and Vanessa Gold

West Kent Freemasons representatives present a cheque for £5000 to David and Vanessa Gold

Last night the Bickley Restaurant in Chislehurst played host to the latest in a series of fundraising dinners held to raise £30,000 to purchase a minibus for the Charlton Upbeats, a project for young people with Down’s syndrome, run by the Trust.

David and Vanessa Gold were the guest speakers last night and were a big hit with the packed audience.

Trust Vice Chairman Peter Varney, said, ‘It was a brilliant evening and David and Vanessa were informative and witty and you could tell how much the audience enjoyed listening to them so much so that we overran. Continue reading...

Independent article

Time to pay for mistakes of the big spenders

Financial Fair Play regulations are making all English League clubs focus on how to balance the books between income and wage bills

Amid all the discussion last Wednesday and Thursday at the annual Stamford Bridge talking shop that is the Leaders in Football conference, what was most notable was the lack of any real disagreement on the main issues. If a single word could be said to characterise the summit it was “consensus”; a sense of broad agreement not only that Something Must Be Done to prevent the sport eating itself but that the Financial Fair Play regulations being introduced across Europe by Uefa provide the best starting point. Continue reading...

David Gold – The 4th Official Article

Football Must Get Its House In Order

Posted by: David Gold, Chairman West Ham United

Top-level football in this country is on the brink of diving into the financial abyss.

An alarming statement, you might say, but if someone told you 12 months ago that Glasgow Rangers, one of the biggest clubs in the world, was in desperate danger of being broken down and dismantled, you may have found that even more alarming.

The truth is the English Barclays Premier League, despite all of its riches, is spending far more than it earns. Continue reading...

Telegraph News Article

West Ham chairman David Gold is interviewed on his rise to fame & fortune.

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Olympic Stadium latest

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