• Golf Monthly | Interview

    It’s every golfer’s dream. A private facility where you can practise and play whenever you want. No green fees, dress code or four-ball in front. With nine greens, 13 tees and 18 holes, the layout of the course on the 50-acre estate of David Gold is somewhat unconventional. Which is not altogether surprising, since David, […]

  • Golfer Magazine | The Midas touch

    It’s fair to say David Gold has it all. He’s one of the country’s richest men, co-owner of a Premiership football club, king of adult entertainment, owns a golf car company, has a loving partner and is father of two successful and glamorous daughters. Oh yes, he’s also got a golf course with his flightscope […]

  • Golf International | Interview

    FINANCIAL SUCCESS certainly has its benefits – boys’ toys like the private jet, a Bentley, chairmanship of a Premiership football club, the obligatory indoor swimming pool and floodlit tennis court. The 67-year-old David Gold has all this and more but he also has what is surely the ultimate toy – his very own golf course […]

  • Drop will hit harder than doodlebug

    DAVID GOLD’S first memory from a lifetime following West Ham was when a German doodlebug exploded at Upton Park and closed the ground for six months

  • David’s Heart of Gold

    THE stylish opulence of David Gold’s Surrey sprawl is in stark contrast to his deprived roots. As a kid, West Ham’s new co-chairman survived the Blitz, bomb-sites, hunger, illness and anti-Semitism in East London. Growing up, he overcame being denied his dream of playing for the Hammers and flirted with the Krays’ notorious gangland scene, […]