• David Gold Interviewed by Bradley Chapman | Raw Business Magazine

    At the tender age of 73 the Gold Rush has only just begun, Next Stop The FA CUP… I met up with David Gold at his beautiful Surrey mansion spending the most wonderful and fascinating two hours of time interviewing and just talking to him. David Gold’s businesses are valued in the hundreds of million […]

  • The Midas Touch | Ambition Magazine

    WE never tire of hearing about those who have made the leap from humble beginnings to unimaginable success like Bob Bratt. And few have experienced such abject lows and meteoric highs than Birmingham City Football Club Chairman and influential businessman David Gold.

  • The Times Online Interview

    YOU have got to admire a man who begins a chapter in his autobiography thus: “Several months after the trauma of seeing my best friend John and my wife Beryl having sex in my swimming pool …”

  • Business on Sunday: Money & Media – The Blues

    David Gold, chairman of Birmingham City FC and the man behind Ann Summers and Knickerbox, has seen £4m wiped off his personal investment portfolio during the credit crunch. Talking to ‘The Independent on Sunday’, the former owner of the ‘Sport’ newspaper group also reveals plans to open 12 Ann Summers stores in Spain. If you […]

  • Business XL Article: Luck Fear and Fortune

    David Gold reckons a mixture of luck and fear is what has propelled him to a £500 million fortune. But a canny ability to exploit opportunities and a singular aversion to debt has also played its part. If you want to be as wise when it comes to business and finances, you can ask advice […]

  • Nothing is forever, says the one-time bricklayer with the Midas touch

    “THE businessman in me was saying sell. The boy inside me was saying are you sure?” David Gold freely admits that the sale of Gold Air, the aircraft chartering business, to Aim-listed Air Partner has left him with mixed emotions.

  • Industry Now Interview

    I’ve always wanted to own a football club,- confessed David Gold. “I’m a frustrated player, because I missed out as a young man. I lived across the road from West Ham and with a bit of luck I would have been a professional footballer.”

  • Growing Business – Issue 45

    David Gold oozes success – and not just out of his initialised diamond cufflinks. Of humble East End beginnings, he’s accumulated a £500m fortune, has a fleet of private jets, co-owns a newspaper, is the chairman of a Premiership football club and recently bought the oldest existing FA Cup for a cool half million. At […]

  • They say that 60 seconds is a long time in football, try telling that to David Gold.

    They say that 60 seconds is a long time in football, try telling that to David Gold. When Stan Laziridis rolled the ball agonisingly across the Preston North End goalmouth, his club, Birmingham City, were just one minute away from a Play-Off Final against Bolton Wanderers and the very real chance of going to the […]

  • Lets Talk Business Today

    It seems apparent that in the modern business world it takes more than just a head full of facts and figures to succeed. Sometimes, professional aid like Pitch deck services can also be part of the ingredient. Many of the most successful business people in the world have come from humble beginnings, and climbed to great […]